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Daily Devotion

My God will prove his word and approve my footsteps

So often we find ourselves disappointed and let down by how we are viewed through the perspective eyes of others. It seems the more we find peace and contentment in a particular area, there is always someone there to bring us down a few notches. I find this to be more prevalent in Church groups that operate under the umbrella of manipulation and starvation. We however need to be mindful and careful, not to allow two common thugs that I’ll call anger and resentment to take residence in our minds. They will try to come in and sit for a while however we should always know there is no good in them and just have them stand outside the door. We can always get back with them once we have come to grips with the opinion of someone else’s view of us, especially if push comes to shove, which hopefully will never happen. LOL

Sometimes we just need to step away and find what it is that God sees, as pleasing. I can recall a time when I would study and hear a wonderful word of God and then try and share it with someone only to have them totally shoot me down. I often felt betrayed or left feeling a sense of being inadequate. Then one day I realized; this was exactly what I was doing to others. It is a powerful influence to be competitive and we can sometimes misuse our authority in Gods word to exalt ourselves. What I found was “to exalt one’s self, was to exhaust one’s self”

We aught to seek the council of the wise; however this does not mean the wisdom of man but of God. We can learn the art of becoming detached for a season and I believe it is healthy to do so. We have all heard the comment that a child should eventually cut the apron string of his or her mother. This is an emotional detachment so the child can develop their own ability to function on their own. Well our spiritual growth is the same principle. We must detach ourselves from those who constantly want to feed us their opinions. What is sad is their opinions are usually based on our past or current position in the natural man and we are trying to establish a life for the future in a spiritual man. The council of the Godly is very important and we should submit ourselves to that authority. It is under that authority that we sit and listen. It is not a debatable time is learning and growing time, therefore we need to be mindful that as we ourselves have sat and listened and grown. We must be patient with others who are growing as well. The point here is; I don’t waste my time debating the things that God has instilled and perfected in me. I detach myself from debate not from people. Jesus himself did not debate Pilot who was given the power to destroy him. Jesus knew the truth and knew the way, and was settled in it. Nothing that anyone could have added or taken away from that hour would have made a difference. This is where we need to place ourselves. To separate ourselves to the word of truth will sometimes separate us from the popular views of others. We walk in humility and compassion in light of this. Yes there are others who will scorn and question our position; however we stand back and simply know with confidence My God will prove his word and approve my footsteps. Just a thought…


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