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Daily Devotion

You my Lord are worthy, you my Lord are worthy

I have seen the “pointless” of life 

I realize whatever God does will last forever. Nothing can be added to it, and nothing can be taken away from it. God does this so that people will fear him. Whatever has happened in the past is present now. Whatever is going to happen in the future has already happened in the past. God will call the past to account. What we must listen to is what does God approve of, and call to account. Forgive me for being so empty. All has proven to be humanistic. We seek to minister so lives can be saved and yet we miss the purpose that Jesus is worthy of his sacrifice. We live for God so we can be blessed. I live for God so I can be cursed and yet live. Is it Hell that we seek to avoid or is it our love for him regardless of whether we go to Hell or not. Would we serve him knowing we were going to Hell or if our lives never tasted the sweetness of our labor of love? Forgive me for being so empty. Our lives are so confusing and wrapped up in how we can change others and ourselves. Yet it is for the purpose of thinking we made some special deal with God. We live our lives in sin and then pretty it up with whatever is right to us. The words echo; all is vanity and yet we build and grow in that which produces vanity. Oh Lord I starve for you today. I hunger after your righteousness not mine. The emptiness of my soul is not because the vultures have pecked at my flesh, insecurities or theology. It is because you have opened the eyes of my spirit to see the source of my creation. The life I have been birthed into has become vexed and waxed old. Thy word oh lord has brought destruction and devastation even unto the sacred temple ground I stood upon. The destruction has torn down all that I have stood upon in righteousness. I am barren in the land of milk and honey. Your voice is a sound of running water and yet I thirst. Your spirit is a wind to cool the hottest days and yet I am shaking with heat collapse. Oh my Lord bring me into the height of Zion. Thy will be done I pray; release me from the mouth of the Great Harlot. Her fangs have clamped down on my heart as her claws grip me into her presence by her alluring purple clad beauty and seductive ways. Her sword is at war with your sword. The two clash with thunder in the balance of my life and death. They are the same my Lord. To compare her sword and your sword with the humanistic eyes; there is no difference. The spiritual leaders have been deceived. Forgive me for being so empty. I lay at your footstool my God. I cry for mercy and forgiveness. I anguish for the cause of your people and hurt for how you feel for all us. I in life or death surrender to you. If Hell or High water is my destiny, I will serve you; because you my Lord are worthy. You my Lord are worthy.


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